About Me

Rhea Jacobson

DPT, MS, Cannabis Educator

With 30 years of experience, a first-class education, and innate, intuitive healing powers, Rhea Jacobson, DPT, MS, is a sought-after physical therapist and cannabis educator in the Chicagoland area. Using a holistic approach, Rhea develops individual, hands-on treatment plans for every client she sees to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities, from infants struggling to nurse to adults recovering from trauma.

While firmly grounded in Western medicine, Rhea also has extensive expertise in alternative modalities including cranial and visceral mobilization, as well as fascial release.

More recently, Rhea has expanded her practice to include cannabis education. In this role, she is a frequent speaker who is passionate about educating the medical community and consumers about medical cannabis by dispelling the myths and stereotypes surrounding medical marijuana. After completing an M.S. in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Rhea has developed an online medical cannabis course: Introduction to Medical Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System, where she provides reliable, research-based information on the medicinal properties of cannabis.